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About the installation

If you're paying us for the installation we are happy to leave our installers in control of your installation.  They are well prepared and experienced in installing all manner of bathrooms, showers, wet rooms and en-suite bathrooms.  We have utmost faith in their ability and always discuss with them the details of your particular project before they start.  They will have copies of the plans and sketches.


We will check with them from time to time that things are going well.  It is not practical for us to visit every installation because of the amount of work we have going on at any one time.  Our installers are our representatives, and project managers if you like, while the installation is being carried out.  But - if you want to speak to showroom staff, or a Director, or would like further advice or information during the installation we would be happy to hear from you, and/or meet with you at the installation.


Our installers will need to ask you questions from time to time.  This is not because he doesn't know what he's doing, but because many years of experience have taught us that customers are never alike in how they want certain things to be done.  For example, one customer may prefer something centralised in the room, others would prefer it lined up with a tile.  We can't second guess these things and it's costly and time consuming to remedy afterwards.  It's simply not possible to put every single aspect of every single item into our quotes or plans.  Positioning of tiles, placement of accessories, height of shower rails, colour of grout and many other aspects of a bathroom installation are important to get right.  If you have particular ideas or insistences about any aspect of the installation please speak with the installer, and/or the showroom at the earliest opportunity.  We want you to love your bathroom!


However,  if you would rather not be disturbed at all, and are happy for us to get on with it and carry out the installation in the industry accepted manner of installation then just tell us at the start of the project and we'll happily proceed without disturbing you, but in the event you ask for something to be changed afterwards we would need to charge for the additional time.



Who will oversee the installation of my new bathroom?

Why does the installer ask me questions?